European Institute for Emotional Intelligence

Spread the Emotional Power

(project by Memo Europe ood 2018)

The European Institute for Emotional Intelligence EIEI, aims to disseminate the development of emotional intelligence and the conscious use of emotions

  • for a balanced development of society,
  • to increase the capacity for healthy relationships,
  • to facilitate civil coexistence
  • to increase respect among people and for nature
  • ..and, ultimately, to increase the well-being of creatures who feel emotions. Humans included!

the inspiration for this project came from three factors:
1. the study of this subject and its implications in even the smallest things of our everyday life.
2. from the daily experience in which we observe how people ignore the correct use of emotional intelligence
3. listening to eminent personalities, beginning with His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the Pope.

There is an extreme need of more ability in managing all the emotions that Nature has given to the Human beings. For centuries the emotional and sentimental education has been abandoned. Starting roughly from the end of the 17th century the world has seen a “razionalization” of education and culture. The age of enlightenment has given the ultimate push. 

Scientific method and rationality have given unexpected results, abruptly accelerating human evolution and at the same time they are at risk of obscuring the importance of other natural “tools” such as instincts and emotions. All in all, the latter have served us for millions of years, they will have their own value.

We see that this imbalance in favour of rationality is causing quite worrying undesirable results. In some cases even against human nature: selfishness, egoism, divisions, fake relationships, lack of deep values, crisis of religions, wars and many other signs tell us that it may be necessary to act now!

According to the eminent opinion of the Dalai Lama, the emotion that should be at the basis of human coexistence is compassion. How much compassion do we see around us?

The main human areas to which EIEI addresses are:

  • parenting and families: to help parents to better educate their children by using their emotional intelligence.

  • education: dedicated to the training of teachers and educators to help their pupils grow by making the most of the strength that emotions can give to learning.

  • business: to make purchases in compliance with a deep environmental and social responsibility. The power of emotions at the service of customers. 

  • health: aimed at all those who deal with the health of people so that they can use emotional intelligence in relationship management and exploit the power of emotions to give strength to the self-healing of the people they care for. 

Emotional Power certification program for Trainers

Become a certified trainer of Emotional Power with Me.To.Do. EmoC©

Emotional Power certification programs are training courses dedicated to those who want to become certified trainers enabled to use our methodology emoC (emotional consciousness) in her or his profession and teach the method to others. 

there are 3 levels 

  1. Junior   –  6 days and final examination for the diploma
  2. Senior  –  4 days and final examination for the diploma
  3. Master – 12 days and final examination for the diploma


#FinHuman* is the section dedicated to the world of Financial and Insurance Consultants

With the #FinHuman logo we want to give Financial Advisors the opportunity to exalt their Humanity in a sort of Renaissance, for a higher level of wealth advisory.
We exclusively apply the new discoveries of behavioral sciences to better understand the deep decision-making mechanisms of each each single Client. A new way to better satisfy Clients’ needs, desires and dreams, with an eye to Ethics, Respect and Social Responsibility.


30 years of experience in this niche enanched by the latest discovery of neurosciences an apllied behavioural finance to boost you performances


Four training proposals based on the areas requiring most development in banking and insurance 

  •  Biological wealth advisory: how to use biology for a new financial consultancy  1-day


  • Easy insurunce: How to sell insurance to people who don’t feel the need for it – 1 day


  • Easy budget: hot to ethically influence your customer to buy from you  2 days


  • #FinHumanRisk: how to reduce the reputational risk arising from human behaviors and … increase sales in double figures from 2  to 4 days


Master for Financial advisors (Private and Affluent) – 10 days:

  •  #FinHuman executive Master: Reshaping the consulting experience with the advisor in the fintech era

for more details click here an go to the dedicated website:


And of course Emotional leadership to motivate and persuade your team to get to the goal!