Since 1992 we have been helping large and small businesses
to identify the best strategic tools to develop their business and to avoid risky mistakes that can lead to failure. 
Entrepreneurs and managers learn with us how to use the latest discoveries in behavioral psychology and neuroscience to increase their emotional and organizational intelligence skills. 
There are two requests that are most frequently addressed to us:
  • to have new tools to increase the strength of their leadership
  • new concrete ideas for making the best decisions
Our experience has been enriched by an in-depth research at the Catholic University of Milan investigating the secrets that guide some companies still alive after more than 500 years.
We apply the results of this scientific evidence to give strength to our Customers

Our research and experiences have given life to our publication entitled:

“Stayng Alive”

Why some companies have been living for
more than 500 years!

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This is one of the areas where we have the deepest expertise.
We are leaving in a fragmented world where it is more an more hard to reach the public that should be interested in your ideas. 
The information overload makes it increasingly expensive to find the right marketing mix . Few companies have marketing at the centre of their operations and, unfortunately, the results can be seen.
Customer turnover is getting higher and higher and loyalty to your company is becoming increasingly unstable. Marketing is an investment rather than a simple accessory service.
The latest discoveries in neuromarketing and webmarketing are revolutionizing the way we find our prospects and many companies find it difficult to find easy ways to use these powerful new tools to their advantage.
We work at every level of the stratetegic and operational marketing process. 
The best mix of tools to realize the Customer’s desires and turn them into concrete results.
Small companies and Family businesses are our first priority!
Samples of projects in our portfolio:
Sales Development
The development of sales for our customers is the area where we are the strongest.
Since 1998 we have trained tens of thousands of salesmen to increase their effectiveness and sales revenue.
Marketing create the opportunities to sell more, but Humans are still important to finalize good contracts. Not everything can be easily sold only online.
Companies that have People dedicated to human contact with Customers can increase their turnover in a surprisingly robust way. 
More than 14,000 salespeople are already using our Me.To.Do. EmoC © with personal sales increases ranging from +28% to +237%.
Our proprietary method derives from the results of a very in-depth interdisciplinary research started in 2009. It is constantly evolving through field tests and constant academic updating.
Psychology, biology, purchasing behaviour, decision making, economics, behavioural finance, neuroscience, marketing, linguistics are the main disciplines at the basis of its powerful innovative strength.
A real paradigm shift! 
This research and the related tests have given rise to a publication entitled:

“Emotional Power”

Pragmatic of emotions in Human Communications. New and ancient secrets to get more “YES”  – 2019

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