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to make purchases in compliance with a deep environmental and social responsibility. The power of emotions at the service of customers.

parenting and families:

to help parents to better educate their children by using their emotional intelligence.


dedicated to the training of teachers and educators to help their pupils grow by making the most of the strength that emotions can give to learning.


aimed at all those who deal with the health of people so that they can use emotional intelligence in relationship management and exploit the power of emotions to give strength to the self-healing of the people they care for.

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The European Institute for Emotional Intelligence EIEI, aims to disseminate the development of emotional intelligence and the conscious use of emotions in those areas :

For a balanced development of society

To increase the capacity for healthy relationships

To facilitate civil coexistence

To increase respect among people and for nature

..and, ultimately, to increase the well-being of creatures who feel emotions. Humans included!





Author | Trainer | Enterpreneur

Professional Skills:

  • Senior trainer and consultant in marketing and sales with focus on training projects to enhance the sales performances of middle management and employees.  Main customers: banks and insurance companies
  • Consultant for big and medium-sized companies. From the start-up to the improvement of the company’s performances regarding, management, selling and marketing processes
  • Researcher and Author.
  • Auditor: monitoring and supervision.

The Founder / CEO

Antonio Meleleo

Managing Partner

Monika Mihaylova

Web Developer / Web Marketing Strategist

Teodor Todorof

Professional vertical websites:




Book – Publications:


“Staying Alive: why some companies have existed for more than 500 years” – 2018


“Emotional Power” pragmatic of emotions in Human Communications – new and ancient secrets to get more “YES” – 2019